Wisecarver Communications, Inc.has been an established business in Winchester, Virginia providing graphic services for over 100 years. In 1987 a division was created to offer graphic design. Our Design House offers logo design, package design, ads, corporate and marketing materials and newsletters. In 1994 the firm began offering web design, hosting and management services.

Many printing companies offer only printing and composition, but not web design and graphic design. We take graphic design to an ad agency level and do many of the tasks an agency does. On the other hand, most agencies do not have in-house printing as part of their mix, another reason we are such a different type of communications company. Our printing company is full service.

We manage large projects like annual reports, which include concept planning with the client, writing, hiring photographers, art directing photo shoots, research, and producing the finished product.

Company History


In 1865 George Henry opened a print shop in Winchester, Virginia on Potato Hill on South Loudoun Street. After serving in the Civil War, George Robert Henry founded and published the first local newspaper in Winchester named the Winchester News, along with partners Peter Kurtz and H. K. Pritchard. From 1865 to 1888 the business was housed on the second floor of the building located on the corner of Rouss Avenue and N. Main (now Loudoun Street).

In 1888 the business moved to what is now known as the Feltner Building on the Loudoun St. Walking Mall. The newspaper was sold to J.F. and R.M Ward in 1888, which later became the Winchester Star. George R. Henry continued Henry’s Print Shop in the same location. It was operated by his sons, J.H. and E.L Henry, who also operated a skating rink, movie houses and a theatre.

During the 1920’s Maynard Wisecarver married a Henry daughter and later took over the business and changed the name to Wisecarver’s Print Shop. The business moved to its present location at 222 South Loudoun Street in the 1960’s. The business was briefly owned by Tensor Industries for 3-4 years. In 1974 Bob and Julie Read became the sixth owners since 1857.